Talent voor Taal is based in the The Hague area and offers professional tuition in Dutch. Training modules are available both for native speakers who wish to improve certain aspects of their Dutch and for foreign students who wish to communicate more easily with their Dutch friends, colleagues and neighbours. The training methods are flexible and tuition will be adapted to your individual level and personal learning style.

Foreign students usually favour private lessons, but group tuition is also possible. Courses may be held in-company or at Talent voor Taal.
Before subscribing to the training you will be invited for an interview (without obligation). Together we will discuss your entrance level and training needs. Taking your course goals, budget and time schedule into account, we can then draw up a tailor-made training format and planning.

Interested? For more information (in Dutch or English), please contact:

Talent voor Taal
Corintha Apon
M 06 48861056